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Our mission is to be the Research Partner of each one of our clientes.

Boutique Research is an Online Market Research company, based in Lisbon, founded by Sofia Abecasis and Viviana Piedade in 2019, that appears as an answer to modern companies need to make quick decisions based in what is relevant for their clients and in what is truly important for the growth of their businesses.

We have an expert and fully dedicated team to give customized and quick answers to all the presented challenges.

All projects developed by Boutique Research are carefully thought and designed to help our clients in making sustainable decisions that add value to their businesses.

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Company of the Year

Boutique Research wins Prestige Awards prize, as Market Research Company of the Year.

According to Prestige Awards, “The judges were particularly impressed with Boutique Research’s customized methodologies, helping brands identify opportunities and threats.

Their solutions and projects, which are carefully thought out and designed, include assessing brand value and assets, negotiating key visuals that make clients’ brands stand out. Based on years of experience, they developed methodologies customized to the needs of each client, based in the most recent approaches as Customer Journey, Design Thinking, Behavior Economics, How brands grow theory and Neuroscience.

The judges also commended their array of positive testimonials, with clients frequently praising their well-presented, innovative and excellent work.”


Internet use has been growing significantly in recent years: nowadays, more than 70% of Portuguese population uses the internet on a regular basis. Covid 19 pandemic has accelerated this digital growth.

The three main advantages of online research are: I) speed, II) more robust and broader samples and III) lower costs.

We conduct worldwide online research in partnership with the biggest, the more specialized and developed consumer panels.


Exploratory methodology, focused on understanding consumer behaviors, its peculiarities and individual experiences.
Characterized by its non directivity, qualitative research does not have a closed and a priori structure of questions. A free, spontaneous and emotional space is created, which allows the emerge of deep and more subjective dimensions.
Therefore, qualitative research can achieve a larger explanatory reach, key to exploring objectives.
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    Sofia Abecasis

    Mother of two centennials. Doesn’t like coffee. Perfectionist. Persistent. Practical. Puts her heart and soul in each project. Loves market research.
    Has a wide experience not only in market research companies (Kantar Millward Brown Portugal, Kantar Millward Brown Spain and Netsonda) but also on client’s side, in Heineken (Sociedade Central de Cervejas) and Danone Portugal.
    E-mail: sofia.abecasis@boutique-research.pt
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    Viviana Piedade

    Loves to travel. Doesn’t like bittersweet food. Dedicated. Creative. Works in each project as being unique. Loves challenges.
    Has work previously in Kantar Millward Brown and Kantar TNS – WPP group, Marktest, Equação Lógica and Netsonda.
    E-mail: viviana.piedade@boutique-research.pt
    Boutique Research - Equipa

    Maria João Simões

    Loves the sun and warm weather. Therefore, she lives in a country where is summer all year. Doesn’t like “ok”. Engaged. "Control Freak". Likes her comfort zone but she is constantly leaving it. Expert both in analysis and creative design.
    Has worked in Netsonda, where she has acquired her wide experience in the Portuguese market and in Ipsos Middle East and North Africa in Dubai.
    E-mail: maria.joao.simoes@boutique-research.pt
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    Susana Martins

    Loves to laugh and loves vegetarian food. Doesn’t like beer. Positive spirit, dynamic and always involved in each project she embraces.
    With a wide experience in market research, started as a strategic researcher in Lowe Worldwide. Entered in Quaestio Consultoria e Estudos de Mercado as Qualitative Project Director, becoming then partner of the company.
    E-mail: susana.martins@boutique-research.pt
    Boutique Research - Equipa

    Maria José Canada

    Likes the contact with nature. Doesn’t like sushi. Curious. Open minded. Highly detailed. Assertive. Pro-active. Passionate about what she does.
    With a wide experience in market research, has worked in advertising agencies (Ciesa-NCK, Lintas, Ogilvy and FCB) and in Nielsen, being responsible for the Qualitative Consumer Insights department.
    E-mail: maria.canada@boutique-research.pt


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