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In what way the experience with my brand’s touchpoints is adding value or destroying the value of my brand?
Along all the consumer journey and the different Moments of Truth (MOT) it is very important that brands are able to offer their clients the best experience possible. The strength of a brand is not limited to the experience of use /consume of a service / product but on the overall experience with the brand along all the MOT.

However, being the companies’ resources limited, it is key to identify which aspects are the most relevant in the opinion and connection consumers have with the brands.

By identifying these aspects, the brands are able to ensure in a most efficient way, a strong and above competitors performance (For example, satisfaction with the website for booking a hotel).
  • Which are the triggers that drive persuasion?
  • Which are the touchpoints where I look for inspiration and collect information?
  • Who are the influencers?
  • Where and how do I buy my products / services?
  • Am I satisfied with buying process?
  • Am I happy with the experience with the product / service?
  • Am I happy with the after sales service?
  • Would I recommend the product / service?