• Qualitativos
We design and implement different kinds of projects in the most diverse areas and business models.
In collecting information, we use a set of methodologies, from the most traditional to the most innovative.
Each project is carefully though and designed according to client’s needs and objectives, providing actionable insights that allow to maximize products and brands performance and value.
  • Boutique Research - Inovação

    - Concept tests

    - New products / services development

    - New trends identification

  • Boutique Research - Marca

    - Image and positioning

    - Brands key performance indicators tracking (KPI’s)

    - Brand’s assets: packaging / logo / claim test

  • Boutique Research - Experiência do Consumidor/Cliente

    - Ethnographic research

    - Incidence research

    - Segmentation studies

    - Shopper in store behavior

    - Clients / stakeholders satisfaction surveys

    - Mystery client

    Consumer / customer experience
  • Boutique Research - Comunicação

    - Pre and post test

    - Campaigns strategy development

  • Boutique Research - Neuro Lab

    - Web and Apps usage tests

    - Pre and post adverting tests (TV, audio, digital, press)

    - Packaging tests

    - Product tests

    - Impact of communication in brand image

    Neuro Lab