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    Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy Boutique Research undertakes to respect the privacy of all visitors to your website. Thus, we have gathered on this page all information about the operation of the website Boutique Research in relation to personal data, so that it takes full knowledge of the type of information that can be collected, the reason why it is collected and, mainly, of How this information can be used and what options you have at your disposal to disable this information transmission.

All information collected is dealt with in strict respect and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Law No. 67/98 of 26 October 1998).

The Boutique Research undertakes also to adopt all possible and appropriate security measures, in order to avoid unauthorized access to the private data of users stored in our database.

1. Identifiable information
Identifiable information is the type of information that can personally identify you, such as your name, email address or other data you share. This type of information, being naturally the most sensitive, is collected by Statua Pura only and only if it transmits to us voluntarily, for example, if you contact us about any question.

In these examples, we have access to your name and email address, as well as other information you decide to include in your text. If you do not want Boutique Research to have access to any of your identifiable information, please do not provide it to us or expose it in any way on our website.

1.1 User Content
A Boutique Research will retain your personal data while your registration is active or as necessary for the relevant activity (and without prejudice to any legal obligation requiring the retention of personal data Necessary beyond those periods of conservation).

If you want to change your personal data or request that it is no longer handled by Boutique Research, you can contact us by email: A Boutique Research is solely responsible for the collection of personal data made on the website (company's website)

2. Non-identifiable information
Informação não-identificável refere-se geralmente a informação técnica e estatística e significa que não contém dados que o possam identificar pessoalmente. Estes dados podem incluir o seu IP, localização geográfica, atividade nos websites e interesses.

Non-identifiable information generally refers to technical and statistical information and means that it does not contain data that can personally identify you.
This data may include your IP, geographic location, activity on websites and interests.

This information allows the Boutique Research to personalize your browsing experience and measure the activity of the site, as well as the number of visits, most read articles, daily traffic, origin of users, among other statistical data.

This data allows us to know which content brings together user preferences, the flow of visitors from the entire site or parts/pages in particular, to measure the results of marketing campaigns that we perform and combat spam/malware.
We then detail the way we gather this type of non-identifiable information and the options you have at your disposal to deactivate it.

2.1 Cookies
Cookies are a very simple text file saved by the Browser on your computer. They collect information regarding your browsing preferences, and no personal data is included.

Cookies have the function of creating a faster and fluid navigation on the Internet, as information is stored when we enter a website for the first time we will not have to repeat.

The user preferences are thus saved (the language chosen on the website, for example), data regarding the navigation made on the website (which pages visited, for how long...), but also login data.

Therefore, Boutique Research uses cookies to store information, such as your personal preferences when you visit our website. This may include a simple popup or a link to various services that we provide.

Our website may place cookies for the following purposes: Functional Cookies-are used to prove...

2.2 Managing Cookies
If you want to manage and delete cookies from Boutique Research and other sites on your computer or mobile device, please follow the instructions below according to the browser you use to access the Internet. Such action will be at your sole discretion, since without cookies you may not be able to enjoy all the features and options of this and other sites you use.

To learn more about cookies you can consult www.allaboutcookies.org.

3. External sites
The Boutique Research website contains links to external sites on your pages, whenever you consider that they contain useful information and/or services for users. This privacy policy, however, does not apply to these external sites, so we advise you to inform yourself about their privacy policies.

3.1 Social networks
We can give you the option to share Boutique Research information on social networks such as Facebook. If you do so, the information you provide may be used by those websites or applications – please read their privacy policies for further clarification.

4. Changes to the Privacy Policy
Boutique Research reserves the right, at any time, to make changes and adjustments to this privacy policy. We recommend that you regularly check in order to keep up to date. If you do not accept or understand the terms of the Boutique Research privacy Policy, you should not continue to use the website.
If you have any questions about one or more terms of this policy, please contact us.